"We offer personal service, tailor-made solutions, a pro-active attitude and unique expertise."

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Catering to your business needs with optimal efficiency. As a telecommunication provider, Schiphol Telematics strives to achieve this goal on a daily basis,  ensuring that you benefit optimally from our cooperation.

The special connections we build for the Schiphol Business Community transcend the physical infrastructure.  As an independent telecom provider, we are proud to offer personal service, tailor-made solutions, a pro-active attitude and unique expertise.

An answer to every question!

See below for an overview of potential needs and questions, and contact details for the appropriate department (Sales or Customer Service).

Service portfolio & Request for offer form

Interested in one or more of our Services? Interested in receiving an offer? In both cases, please contact us free of obligation.  Our Sales department will be glad to provide you with further details or concrete advice on your specific situation.

Sales Department contact details
Telephone: + 31 20-316 35 20
Email: info@st.nl

You can also fill out our contact form, featured at the bottom of the page for the relevant department.

We will get back to you within 1 working day.

Customer Service

Already a Schiphol Telematics customer? Our Customer Service department will serve as your central point of contact on a wide range of issues: orders, malfunctions and other questions, such as requests for support.

Customer Service department contact details
Telephone: +31 20 – 405 33 84
E-mail: cs@st.nl
Fax: +31 20 – 316 35 01


Email or fax us your orders.
If you do not have an order form yet, please contact us to request one.  It will take some time to process your order.

Malfunctions (+31 20 – 405 33 84)
Please call our central telephone number (available 24/7) if you have any questions regarding a malfunction. Your call will be handled by a specialised technician.

Requests for support & other questions
Our Customer Service department will handle any requests for support, concerning issues such as:

  • Questions about our services and how they function
  • Requests for information from our records
  • Status information for a current order or malfunction
  • A more detailed explanation of your invoice
  • Cancellation of services

We’re open to suggestions

Schiphol Telematics works hard to improve the quality of its specialised services and customer relationships. This reflects our ambition to become Schiphol’s best and most service-oriented telecom provider.

However, if you do have any suggestions for improvement, please be sure to let us know.  We greatly value your opinion and will take any comments into account when making further improvements to our services.

Please submit any comments to our Customer Service department ( +31 20 – 405 33 84 or e-mail: cs@st.nl) or fill out our contact form. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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