"Fast, reliable internet is critical to many business processes."


Fast reliable internet for all your business needs

Any business seeking to operate successfully at Schiphol understands: internet connects the world.
Fast, reliable internet is critical to many business processes and will become even more significant. Which internet service can help you achieve structural progress? ST’s internet services are fully tailored to the high standards of Schiphol internet connectivity.

Preparing for the future online

Just imagine the structural efficiency and savings in cost and time you could achieve if all your employees could work online effortlessly no matter where they were. Thanks to constant technological innovation, the internet is becoming an increasingly important connecting factor to both businesses and private users.
Discover our high-connectivity internet services, designed to continually and reliably support your critical processes.  Our online solutions will allow you and your colleagues to focus on the business targets that matter.  

Benefits of ST internet

Over 75% of all businesses within the Schiphol Business Community already benefit from ST’s high-quality internet connections. From IT managers and CIOs to building managers and general directors: all our customers make a very concious decision to work with ST.

  • A choice between various internet packages, in various bandwidths
  • Fast, reliable connections via our own, independent infrastructure
  • Fastest delivery times available at Schiphol; up and running within 1 working day in some cases
  • Tailor-made solutions for every business requirement
  • Guaranteed immediate service that always goes the extra mile
  • A single point of contact: easy, fast, transparent
  • Competitive rate: 1 total amount

Select your ideal internet solution

ST can offer the ideal networking solution for every business need. ST internet services:

Why opt for Schiphol Telematics?

Over +450 ambitious businesses within the Schiphol business community have already opted for our innovative services, such as internet connections. Reasons:

  • Schiphol’s most service-oriented and reliable telecom provider
  • Unique level of expertise thanks to + 20 years of experience and the best professionals in the industry
  • Ultra high-speed secure connections via our own high-quality networks
  • Personal commitment, pro-active, 24/7 service
  • Reliable services, fully tailored to your business needs
  • Cost-effective solutions

Let ST help you make the most of the internet, today and tomorrow

As a reliable, independent internetprovider, we are proud to work for and with our customers. In need of efficiency, speed, service and convenience? Make an appointment (free of obligation) to find out how our internet services can help you achieve guaranteed improvements to your operational performance.

Our internet services:

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