"Schiphol Telematics' high-connectivity IP Network. Make it easy on yourself."

IP Network

Optimal connectivity, within and between multiple locations

In order for your business operations to run smoothly, your hardware –  interconnected via a reliable network in order to facilitate the necessary data exchange – must perform faultlessly.  In addition to PCs, laptops and printers, this includes hardware such as cameras, televisions, PIN equipment and cash registers.

You require this connectivity at one or more locations within Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

Round the clock operational efficiency

Any ambitious business needs reliably and accurately connected devices to run smoothly. From PCs and printers within a single department to a wide range of devices at various business locations and offices.  If you need the ability to work with optimal speed, convenience and comfort, via a stable network, rely on Schiphol Telematics’ high-connectivity LAN services. Make it easy on yourself

The benefits of ST’s IP Network services

Over 75% of all businesses within the Schiphol Business Community already benefit from ST’s high-quality IP data connections, including our IP Network services.

  • Optimal data communication between all your networking devices, via ST’s own, independent infrastructure.
  • A choice between three IP Network services: managed network traffic for one or more locations at a time.
  • 99.8% network availability, measured over the course of 1 year
  • Tailor-made solutions for every business requirement, at any location within the Schiphol complex.
  • Fastest delivery times available at Schiphol; within 10 working days on average
  • Unique:  24/7 personal support from expert engineers, in accordance with a transparent Service Level Agreement
  • A single point of contact: easy, fast, transparent
  • Predictable, manageable costs: competitive monthly rate

Select your ideal IP Network solution

ST can offer the ideal (managed) networking solution for every business need. Seamless linkage between all your devices – from PCs to PIN equipment – ensures flawless data communication. ST offers the following IP Network services:

  • Easy LAN
    Small-scale, local connectivity. We connect all hardware at 1 location via a local network.
  • LAN Connect
    We set up and manage several LANs at multiple locations, which are then interconnected.
  • LAN Interconnect
    We establish connectivity between two or more of your own LANs, at various locations. The connection is established via your own switches and/or routers.

You can test our services in advance, free of obligation.  Benefit from our fully managed solutions, which are cost-efficient and 100% future-proof.  Our services are continually updated in terms of accessibility, additional options and the latest quality guarantees.

Interested in the details? Our account managers will be eager to provide you with further information or advice on your specific situation. Contact us free of obligation.

Why opt for Schiphol Telematics?

Over 500 ambitious businesses within the Schiphol business community have already opted for our innovative services, such as LAN networking solutions. Reasons:

  • Schiphol’s most service-oriented and reliable Telecom provider.
  • Unique level of expertise thanks to + 20 years of experience and the best professionals in the industry
  • Ultra high-speed secure connections via our own high-quality networks
  • Personal commitment, pro-active, 24/7 service
  • Reliable services, fully tailored to your business needs
  • Cost-effective solutions

Let ST help you make the most of IP Network, today and tomorrow

As a reliable, independent data connection provider, we are proud to work for and with our customers. In need of efficiency, speed, service and convenience? Make an appointment (free of obligation) to find out how our IP Network services can help you achieve guaranteed improvements to your operational performance, both now and in the future.

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