"With IP TV your audience will experience the newest way to watch TV."


HD viewing experience with your own corporate channel

You wish to present your target groups and employees at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol a highly varied selection of television programmes and high-quality stations.  However, you also need the capacity to present commercial messages or internal company information. Naturally, you want the very best in terms of picture quality.

Use digital TV stations (SD and HD quality) and your own corporate channel to create any professional programme or message you want.

Screens that captivate and engage

Schiphol’s dynamic environment bombards you with a constant stream of messages. Your business can distinguish itself by applying multifaceted entertainment and relevant information in order to reach your specific target groups – consumers and employees alike.  With IP TV, your target groups will experience the very latest in television viewing technology.  IP TV can be used in stores, waiting areas, catering establishments and business lounges. The superior HD quality ensures contact moments with genuine impact.  On-screen content can always be tailored to your specific commercial and non-commercial targets.

The benefits of IP TV

Schiphol Telematics is the leading provider of telecom services to the Schiphol business community. As such, we are constantly working to expand our role as a connecting factor.
With IP TV, we can now offer the highest-definition, most flexible viewing experience at Schiphol. Television with the same lifelike quality you enjoy at home.

Test our service free of obligation in advance at our showroom or explore the options during a visit to one of our existing customers.  Our professional IP TV service comes with the following standard benefits:

  • A suitable solution for every situation and location at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, via ST’s own independent infrastructure
  • Superior image quality of the highest standard available at Schiphol
  • 20 HD channels and 80 SD channels & smart apps for a tailor-made viewing experience
  • Your own Corporate Channel, with a varied range of options in terms of company-specific information or narrowcasting*
  • Measured over the course of 1 year: a connection with 99.8% reliability
  • Installation & excellent service by expert engineers.
  • A single point of contact: easy, fast, transparent
  • A competitive monthly rate
  • Discounts on long-term contracts (3 to 5 years)

Schiphol Telematics is currently the only provider offering HD-quality digital television throughout the entire Schiphol complex.  Interested in the details? Our account managers will be glad to provide you with further details or concrete advice on your specific situation.  Contact us free of obligation.

In focus: Narrowcasting*

In addition to the broad range of stations and unrivalled image quality, IP TV offers various other advantages. Customers are also allocated their very own Corporate Channel, which can be applied for professional narrowcasting. You can use this television channel to optimise the visitor and shopping experience in a targeted manner, and effectively manage your business processes.  An overview of some potential applications:

  • Advertising: promotional marketing, promotional messages, specially themed communications
  • Location-specific services: signposting, menus, price lists, tips, backgrounds
  • Entertainment: selected sports, films, music, education, comedy
  • News and weather bulletins
  • Internal communications: notifications, instructions, checklists, training courses.

IP TV allows you to translate current affairs or spontaneous ideas into professional television content that can be displayed at any time of your choosing.  Our new service helps you raise the standard of day-to-day communications with your target groups.

Why opt for Schiphol Telematics?

Over 500 ambitious businesses at and around Schiphol have already opted for our innovative services, including IP TV Reasons:

  • Schiphol’s most service-oriented and reliable telecomprovider.
  • Unique level of expertise thanks to + 20 years of experience and the best professionals in the industry
  • Ultra high-speed secure connections via our own high-quality networks
  • Personal commitment, innovative, pro-active, 24/7 service
  • Reliable services, fully tailored to your business needs
  • Cost-efficient solutions, at competitive rates

Interested? We’re here to help

Interested in offering your target groups television programmes and commercial content with lifelike image quality at any time and place at a competitive rate? As a reliable, independent Telecom provider, we will select the best possible solution for your specific situation.  We will be pleased to provide you with further information.

Discover how the best connection can really make your business come to life

iptv ST introduces IP TV at Schiphol
At Schiphol Telematics we are convinced that personal ties always result in the best connections. This is why we would like to tell you more about IP TV: a new way of watching television for the Schiphol business community that can be fully customised to suit your communication targets. ST’s IP TV provides access to 38 channels in true-to-life image quality, plus another 20 HD channels and a variety of Dutch and international channel packages. What’s more, you will be able to design your very own corporate channel for the professional narrowcasting of your informative and commercial messages, enabling you to fine-tune your communications to your customers and visitors, without any distracting white noise.

Experience true-to-life quality with IP TV



The unprecedented clarity of these high-definition images will make you feel part of the scene.



Smart applications to further customise the IP TV experience.


Eredivisie Live

Watch football as it is meant to be watched, featuring all the most important games from various leagues.



A top-class selection of recordings in all branches of sport, plus background information.


Additional channels

Features a wide selection of channel packages in Arabic, Hindi and Turkish.


Corporate Channel

The professional narrowcasting solution that meets all your requirements in the field of corporate TV.

IP TV by ST is now available for your business
At ST we are constantly engaged in expanding our role as a connecting factor at Schiphol. This is why IP TV offers far more than the highest-definition viewing experience at Schiphol. Your very own Corporate Channel will help you develop your one-on-one relationship with each customer and target audience in a professional manner. Don’t delay! Give us a call or send us an email and we will be happy to tell you how IP TV can really make your business come to life!

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