"Constant connectivity is clearly becoming a way of life."


High-quality wireless networks for all your business needs

Interested in lending your business at Schiphol a competitive edge and ensuring cost-efficient operations? The added value of modern, innovative data communication will be crucial in achieving these goals.  There is one development your business must inevitably embrace: the irreversible transition from fixed internet and physically connected networks to wireless connections.

Business mobility is becoming increasingly important by the day, and offers major opportunities.

Wireless makes an undeniable difference

The diversity of mobile devices is growing, as are the number of devices in private and professional use – such as smartphones, scanners, tablets and laptops. The role of online applications and remotely accessible company networks is growing rapidly in almost every sector. Constant connectivity is clearly becoming a way of life.  Every company at Schiphol that depends on data services therefore has a clear choice to make: remain stagnant, or apply professional mobile networks to move ahead.

Discover our high-connectivity WiFi services, designed to continually and reliably support your critical processes. Our high-speed wireless data traffic solutions will allow you and your colleagues to focus on the business targets that matter.

The benefits of ST WiFi

Schiphol Telematics supplies and manages WiFi connections at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, one of the largest business WiFi networks in the Netherlands. Every year, over 4 million mobile devices make use of our high-quality WiFi networks.  An overview of the benefits:

  • Optimally secured WiFi connections and authentication procedures for 100%-shielded business information, via ST´s own independent infrastructure.
  • Available throughout the airport grounds: via ST’s standard WiFi coverage area or additional Access Points.
  • Unique: tailor-made designs and installation & 24/7 support and monitoring by expert WiFi engineers, on the basis of a transparent Service Level Agreement
  • A choice of two different WiFi subscriptions: WiFi Connect and WiFi Zone
  • Fastest delivery times available at Schiphol; up and running within 10 working days
  • No more need to install cabling or conduct maintenance work
  • A single point of contact: easy, fast, transparent
  • Competitive rate: 1 total amount

Select your ideal WiFi solution

ST can offer the ideal WiFi networking solution for every business need, including specialist maintenance.  ST offers the following wireless network/mobile Internet solutions:

  • WiFi Connect
    Reliable, high-speed connections within Schiphol’s existing WiFi coverage zone
  • WiFi Zone
    An optimal wireless connection to your own network and Internet from every business location

Why opt for Schiphol Telematics?

Over +450 businesses within the Schiphol business community have already opted for our innovative services, such as WiFi. Reasons:

  • Ultra high-speed secure connections via our own high-quality networks
  • Reliable services, fully tailored to your business needs
  • Schiphol’s most service-oriented and reliable Telecom provider
  • Unique level of expertise thanks to + 20 years of experience and the best professionals in the industry
  • Personal commitment, pro-active, 24/7 service
  • Cost-effective solutions

Let ST help you make the most of WiFi, today and tomorrow

As a reliable, independent Telecom provider, we are proud to work for and with our customers. In need of efficiency, speed, personal service and convenience? Make an appointment (free of obligation) to find out how our WiFi Services can help you achieve guaranteed improvements to your operational performance, both now and in the future.

Our WiFi services:

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