"The managed WLAN solution for secure wireless networks."

WiFi Zone

An optimal wireless connection to your own network and internet from every business location

You need a reliable tailor-made WiFi network at every Schiphol business location in order to optimally support your employees and/or customers. This will ensure that their mobile devices – such as smartphones, hand-held scanners, laptops and tablets – always have rapid, wireless access to your (highly secured) network and internet.

Experience the benefits of WiFi Zone – the managed WLAN solution for secure wireless networks – in your offices, warehouses, hangars and other locations.

WiFi coverage throughout the entire Schiphol complex

Mobile data traffic is becoming an increasingly crucial and ´inevitable´ part of life here at Schiphol, in terms of both private and business use.  Mobile devices are becoming indispensable.  Ideally, your business operations and critical processes should never be compromised due to a lack of reliable mobile access to your own network or Internet. You may also wish to offer your customers or guests the convenience of a professional WiFi connection, no matter where they are.

The benefits of ST WiFi Zone

Benefit from optimal convenience, 24/7 service and guaranteed connectivity – today and tomorrow. Convenient wireless access at any time, no matter where you are.  We also offer WiFi Zone solutions as a fully managed (remote) service.

In addition, you will always benefit from the following advantages:

  • Optimally secured WiFi connections and authentication procedures for 100%-shielded business information, via ST´s own independent infrastructure.
  • Available at all business locations within the airport grounds: entire office buildings, stores, cold stores, specific conference facilities or waiting areas, hangars, etc.
  • Measured over the course of 1 year: a connection with 99.8% reliability
  • Fastest delivery times available at Schiphol; up and running within 10 working days
  • Unique: tailor-made designs and installation & 24/7 support and monitoring by expert WiFi engineers, on the basis of a transparent Service Level Agreement
  • No more need to worry about Access Point availability, hardware, technology, software or updates
  • No more restrictions in terms of data traffic or the number of mobile devices such as smartphones, laptops, hand-held scanners and tablets
  • A single point of contact: easy, fast, transparent
  • Competitive rate: 1 total amount
  • LIMITED SPECIAL OFFER: a free WiFi measurement at your business location!

Optimal control, security and availability. Maximum speeds. 24/7 service. Qualities that help advance Schiphol’s business community on a daily basis. Experience the possibilities: visit a satisfied customer.

Interested in the details? Our account managers will be eager to provide you with further information or advice on your specific situation. Contact us free of obligation.

Why opt for Schiphol Telematics?

Over 500 ambitious businesses at and around Schiphol have already opted for our innovative services, including WiFi subscriptions.  Reasons:

  • Schiphol’s most service-oriented and reliable Telecom provider.
  • Unique level of expertise thanks to + 20 years of experience and the best professionals in the industry
  • Ultra high-speed secure connections via our own high-quality networks.
  • Personal commitment, pro-active, 24/7 service
  • Reliable services, fully tailored to your business needs
  • Cost-effective solutions

Interested? We´re here to help

Do you need optimal wireless access to your business information and Internet (including mobile devices) from any business location within the Schiphol grounds? In search of a fully secured solution at manageable cost levels? Look no further than Schiphol Telematics’ WiFi Zone subscriptions. We will be pleased to provide you with further information.

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